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All items in this area are shown to be covered by pirate flags. Go behind the tree, which Is the only side from which you can grab the item, a Coral Ring. Continue running to the west. Labelle needs to catch up to the rest of your party, so use her. Don't try to learn any new Am, though; your goal is to increases Labelle s stats.

In the next area, run west once again and slightly north. At the far side of this area you pick up an Ice Staff, find the western exit and get out of here. Run directly south in the next area. In a corner of sorts, you locate another Ark Stone. Continue to the west into the next area and curve south. After finding a Leather Suit, leave the area and head to the west.

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This takes you back to the beginning! Don't panic, because you've been brought here for a reason. Previously, if you had gone north in this area, you would have reached the third area. Now you reach an entirely different area, with a strange glow at the center. The easy way to get through the Valley is to keep heading west. Explore each area for new items until you find yourself back at the beginning, and then head north.

HP: LP: 79 ized and equipped, and save your game.

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If not. By reviving a downed character with two others, you will revive that character almost fully. After defeating Volcanoid, it may drop a Lava Shield. When you pull this out of the ground, the fog dissipates.

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Exit and go back through the area, heading west all the way. Now when you leave the fourth area where you discovered the Leather Suit , you discover a new area. Follow the z-shaped path up the slope. When you arrive at the base of the stone bridge, take the stairs up to the top of the wall. You come out behind the toll collectors. Around the corner, you'll find where the stone bridge is still under construction.

Search the sacks for a Blue Chip and Snake Staff. Go back down the steps to the bottom and head down the path. Follow the path across a small wood bridge. The townsfolk all seem to be poetic and self- concerned. Host of them have no real information or advice to offer. The first building you can enter is the Restaurant A ways up the northbound street is a Tool Shop on the left and an Inn on the right Continue north to exit Laubholz when youre ready. Saddle up in the town of Laubholz.

Proceed to Weissland. Find Labelled brother, William, toss the snowy plains to the Megalith, Explore into the heart of the alien structure.

Previous posts in the Science Fair Project Ideas category The MM Twins – Lost in Browser Cave (The M&M Twins Book 1) eBook: Jessica Tornese: Kindle Store. M&M Twins- Lost in Browser Cave book. Rate this book Showing I thought this book was an excellent read as it kept the pace going from start to.

Fight the Megalith Beast. This is Patrick, and his stats and skills with a Staff make him an excellent choice as a new frontline member.


If you missed out on recruiting Labe lie in Grand Valley, she's browsing the bookshelves in the back. Fortunately, the citizens discovered Quells long ago that heat all their buildings. With that many Quells around, its easy to see why Spell Arts were discovered here.

Talk to the Bartender to stay the night A little ways further up the street is the Tool Shop, where the owner is friendly but a little desperate for a sale. See the section titled "Laubholz" in the "Side Quests" chapter later in the book. Weisstand - When youVe ready, leave Weissland the way you came and head left on the area map. You'll immediately enter a series of snowy valleys leading to the Megalith. Despite this section's title, this area isn't that hospitable. If you aren't running and dodging enemies from the outset you're going to be out of WP before you reach William's camp.

You may need to fight your way to the Weissland and rest up at the Inn.

Navigating the white plains is easier once you know the layout. The first cave leads to a three-way intersection. The area is tight, but right next to the entrance is a Pit Spider a Bow. The bottom exit opens on a small ledge with the Glacier Shield. However, you must fight the same three Fairy Hopper enemy groups again as you re-cross the intersection. The top left cave only takes you back to the entrance, so go back out the top right exit. Head north, which spirals you back south to another cave. This leads you up a ramp to a Green Glass, a very handy Tool.

Run back past the cave you emerged from to the top cave. Inside is a path that leads under the previous ramp to a large, open area.

At the very bottom of the open area are two more treasures, a Silence Row and another CR. The trip is tough but profitable. Head straight north from these two items to a very nondescript cave. This is Labelled brother William, the man she's been searching for. William is obsessed with visiting the local Megalith, and he just won't let it go. If Patrick is in your group, then William makes your party five in number.

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This means someone must go into your sub-party, and since William has the lowest stats despite his age he should be your choice. Winter Wonderland The Glacier When William returns to the camp from his scouting expedition, run north through the cave to the base of the weirdest looking glacier you ever saw. Yeah, a Megalith is in there, for sure.

Lost In Browser Cave

After the path forms, run up into a chamber that splits in two. The right-hand path leads to two caves don't miss the first one. There is also a small ice block; search it to find an Ice Staff. Items are really hard to spot in the ice caves, so keep a sharp eye out. Each puts you on top of the opposite block, facing two more teleporters. The door you go through determines which platform you end up on in the next area.

click The Shortest Path - For the shortest path, take the left teleporter first.