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Jan 27, Lisa The Novel Approach rated it really liked it. Even though these two finally have a HEA, the ending left a question that I would like to have answered which, hopefully while I continue to read further into the series, EM will answer somewhere in a future story.

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Mar 08, Crissy Morris rated it really liked it Shelves: joyfully-jay , contemporary , chefs-food-cooking , kids. His family needed him.

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Then he can fly back to his life in Paris. One in particular — Micah Soloman. For the past ten years, Josh has done everything in his power to forget about the man that broke his heart. Josh has a hard time reconciling the Micah he knew ten years ago with the changed man before him. And as they work together to keep the family restaurant running and taking care of his ailing parents, Josh finds it hard to hate Micah as much as he wants to.

As the end of his time at home looms nearer and Josh learns more about Micah and his past, Josh begins to question the choices he made.

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Now he has to decide whether to keep running away from his pain, or to hope for the best and run towards the man who hurt him in the first place. Lighting the Way Home is part of the Delectable series and a collaborative effort of both E. Lynley and Shira Anthony, and judging from this book, these authors mesh very well. While this book is part of a series, it is written as a standalone novel, so the books can be read in any order.

I really liked this book.

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The audio is cleverly created, deliciously witty in places, and there is a delightful atmosphere created by the troupe. There are hoops and tumbling and juggling and acro and aerial, but it also reaches out through skits, comedy and satire. Full Taneerhulla Bungalow. Natalie Joy Johnson. Books by E.

I had a couple issues with the story, but overall it was a good read. He played the victim well and took it out on everybody around him, including his parents. He let his past hurts dictate what he became, and he became a self-absorbed arrogant jerk. He is an immature, self-serving character, but that only adds conflict to this story that was well worth the brattiness. And in the end, he becomes a better man, more humble not completely humble , more understanding, more supportive. I really liked him by the completion of this book.

Micah is one of the highlights of this tale. Alas, that did not happen. But I still love Micah. The religious aspect of this book is beautiful. I really enjoyed the inclusion of religion and tradition in this story. I found this collaboration refreshing. These authors have similar writing styles and write well together. I enjoyed the plot, as emotional and frustrating as it could be at times. The story itself is entertaining. There are ups and downs — luckily no crying with this one — twists and turns.

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My biggest complaint is the ending. It just ended. Could I at least get a verdict? No answers, no closure to that part of the plot, nothing. After such an emotional rollercoaster, I really wanted some sort of completion, some redemption, but…nothing?

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Lighting the Way Home book. Read 59 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A Delectable NovelWorld-class chef Joshua Golden is homesic. Lighting the Way Home (Delectable Book 2) - Kindle edition by EM Lynley, Shira Anthony. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

It was very frustrating. In the end, even with the abrupt ending, I really liked this book. What can I say? This is a series that I am really enjoying. I recommend this book to lovers of reconciliation stories, enemies-to-lovers stories, lovers of family focused tales, and lovers of imperfect heroes. Note: As a bonus, the authors have included several recipes mentioned in the story at the end of the book. May 19, Cryselle rated it really liked it Shelves: dreamspinner , multicultural , The community was palpable but not overwhelming; Josh and Micah fit in but not in any predictable pattern.

And out of this potent mix, the authors bring the two protagonists through the mess into a place where they might be happy at last.

go to link Micah couldn't possibly have hurt Josh so badly had Josh not loved Micah so deeply, and the authors make us watch how tattered love can become whole again. Individually, each author has written books that I have sunk into and enjoyed, and together EM Lynley and Shira Anthony have created something seamless and vivid. However these two manage their collaboration, it works. The style is smooth and readable, and carries the story forward. Josh grew up in the restaurant business, but has left kosher food and all it implies far, far behind. An ocean between him and Micah, who broke his heart a hundred times over, is just barely enough.

Now Josh is home to mind the store a while for his ailing parents. And Micah seems to have taken his place as dutiful son. From his parents to his former lover, to the life he has and the life that he could have, Josh has to reevaluate everything. His mother and father have gone frail, Micah has a ten year old son, an ex-wife, and a prison record, and Josh is frothing at the mouth to get back to a kitchen that serves not-kosher food.

All driven by pain. Josh sees details as he can, and Micah is who he is, but slowly unveiled in all his complexity.

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Fatherhood and the responsibility for another person adds to that. Other issues make perfect sense after you read the passages and think a little, which adds a delightful complexity to the story. A few plot points are left open ended rather than extend this timeline as far out as total resolution would need. I anticipate a follow-up story more than wish every loose end had been tied here. I enjoyed this story from top to bottom, and I can only imagine how someone more steeped in Jewish culture will see plot points in greater nuance than I can.

There are the familiar trappings of Chanukah, but the latkes and candles aren't the plot here: they are the sense of family and continuity. Copy provided by publisher in exchange for a review, originally posted at Jessewave's. Apr 19, Lena Grey rated it really liked it. Sometimes we have to leave home, get out of what feels too mundane, too ordinary, or too unthinkable.

The thing is, we can't run away from our feelings. They go with us, haunting our lives, as ghostly specters of what might have been. Josh Golden and Micah have loved each other for years, but life kept interfering with their being together. Both men chose to try to run from their pain, Micah inwardly and self-destructively and Josh, literally, leaving his family and heritage behind. Micah and Jo Sometimes we have to leave home, get out of what feels too mundane, too ordinary, or too unthinkable.

Micah and Josh need to re-evaluate their situations, keep the parts that nourish them, and let go of the rest. Josh has a lot to overcome in this story before he finally finds peace with his past. It is absolutely necessary that he do so, not just for Micah's sake, but for his own. He's a whirling dervish of conflicting thoughts and feelings which threaten to tear him asunder. When Josh is literally forced to face the things he's been denying—his love for Micah, living where he grew up, his childhood, and his parents' way of life, he learns that he's not so different from the person who tried to run away all those years ago.

Josh comes across as kind of a jerk until we see more of his past and the incredible pain that Micah caused when he denied his true self and deserted Joshua. Watching him resolve his feelings and sort out the parts that don't fit and more closely accept the ones which still do, is very uplifting.

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Micah Solomon also has a lot to overcome, but is further in the process on understanding himself than Josh. He's tackled the demons caused by trying to be someone you are not and, to a great extent, won. This gives him the patience to endure Josh's onslaught of anger and pain while it also gives him an opportunity to show Josh he's changed.

It also helps him control the pace of their reunion by not allowing Josh to rush it. Micah has his priorities straight. He knows that it will take Josh a long time and a lot of soul-searching to reach the point where he trusts himself, much less Micah; he is willing to wait. I really enjoyed the epicurean delights presented letting Josh's creative genius shine.

I loved the relationship between Micah and his son. It acted as an important conduit between Micah and Josh by enabling them to reflect on things when they were boys, especially when it came to their religious background. For me, Judaism is a symbol representing a truly close and enduring family.