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Maybe it was his inadequacies that endeared him to a nation wary of smoothies and swindlers. Maybe it was the fact that he kept his distance, that he tensed up when people got close. As we did then. In those early days, because of his golem-like manner, there arose among viewers the mistaken belief that he had a metal plate in his head. Maladroit and malaprop, his faux pas were legion but familiar.

They became American family jokes, and were the kind of embarrassing slip your pop might make at the Kiwanis club. Jack Carter told me of a night when Sullivan, indulging his custom of recognizing distinguished audience members, asked a paraplegic to please stand and take a bow. The very word repulsed T.

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Yet, paradoxically, he also ushered into the world new generations of razzmatazz. Featuring acts from Durante to Wayne and Shuster, a pair of Canadian comics could there possibly be two? Everyone, it seemed, who dwelled in or passed, however fleetingly, through the light of celebrity appeared on one or more of his 1, shows.

A mere sampling of the names is staggering. Cut and cut again, it still produces the following scroll:. Sullivan also had a great fondness for Peg Leg Bates, a one-legged dancer who performed on the show more than a dozen times. Both Jack Carter and Alan King, who knew Sullivan before he started in television, remember him essentially as a Broadway newshound transposed from one medium to another.

So, in a sense, what he was doing was using his talent as a newspaperman, scooping everyone.

When he heard there was a nun who was singing in Brussels, he was on the next plane—and he brought back the Singing Nun. Sullivan would play himself in the movie The Singing Nun.

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Edward Vincent Sullivan was born, a twin, on September 28, , on East th Street, in a part of Harlem which at that time was a volatile alembic of Irish, Jewish, and other immigrants. After a start at St. A nose twice broken in football left him merely vestigial senses of taste and smell; chipped teeth, long unfixed, left the habit of not baring them, a hesitancy to smile.

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In time he became sports editor and interviewed Babe Ruth. His next big story, at the job that followed, was a article on heavyweight champ Jack Dempsey. Both men would later appear on the Sullivan show, Dempsey six times. He lived over a tavern on West 48th Street. When the Mail folded, Sullivan ended up at the Philadelphia Ledger. Sullivan became the Broadway bloodhound, following, though not directly, in the not inconsiderable footsteps of Walter Winchell. The Broadway columnists have lifted themselves to distinction by borrowed gags, gossip that is not always kindly, and keyholes that too often reveal what might better be hidden.

Sullivan, hesitating, mumbled something about making a big entrance. Winchell said that he accepted this as an apology. Whatever the truth, the two remained bitter rivals throughout their lives. Later, the Silver Slipper, at West 48th Street, became his haunt.

The Durant had shuttered, and even Jimmy himself had moved on to the Slipper, where he was performing with soft-shoe dancer Lou Clayton and singer Eddie Jackson in an act called the Three Sawdust Bums. Madden was no stranger to the press. Duffy managed Primo Carnera, the gentle Italian giant whose infamous heavyweight-championship reign —34 was regarded as an orchestral masterpiece of Mob fight fixing. When Marlow was gunned down near Flushing Cemetery in June , Sullivan delivered this eulogy in his Graphic column:. To us, who rejoiced in his friendship, he was an eager, impulsive, loyal friend.

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Our hearts tell us we have lost a friend and wholesouled comrade, a pardner, in the complete sense, an ace. He won on appeal, but ultimately settled for legal fees. You need some straightening out, straightening out with the right people. In at a nightclub known as the Casa Lopez, Sullivan met Sylvia Weinstein, the fresh-out-of-high-school daughter of an Upper West Side real-estate agent. They were married in a civil service on April 28, The Graphic folded in , and Sullivan was brought by Captain Joe Patterson to the Daily News, one of the oldest and biggest tabloids.


The Sullivan Boys: Book Five All the Sullivans are good cops The last Sullivan is a girl. Can she stack up against the boys? Kay Sullivan Lynch, reinstated to. Title: In The St. Nick of Time, Book 5, Sullivan Boys SeriesAuthor: K.M. DaughtersGenre: Romantic SuspenseBook Blurb.

The gossip racket, however, was not his only source of income. At the Graphic, he had acted as the master of ceremonies for an annual All-Sports Dinner. When Winchell left the paper, Sullivan took over booking the entertainment as well as the sporting personalities. This led to a radio program sponsored by Adam Hats, which in turn led to a grand-a-week hosting job for another program. By early , Sullivan was affiliated with the Columbia Broadcasting System.


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The Sullivans certainly lived well during the Depression and the blues that followed. Sylvia, however, remembered her husband entering his 30s as a brooder, a distinctly dissatisfied guy. The former is rarely seen with his wife, while Sobol takes his to all theatrical openings. He was, as always, one of the rounders—the insiders, the mobsters, the hangers-out—who hit the nightclubs toward the hour of the wolf.

The column is written—at home. That takes a couple of hours and Sullivan then drives down to the Daily News, reads his mail and waits while the composing room gives him a proof. Later in , Sullivan left Broadway for Hollywood, moving his family to a house with a garden in Beverly Hills.

For three years, he wrote a Hollywood gossip column for the News.

James P. Sullivan

Like Winchell, he would get a taste of moving pictures. All three films were ignored and forgotten. Betty Sullivan was She remembered that, as at the Astor, there were no home-cooked meals. I think, as a father, he related more to me as I got older.


He had a temper. The Harvest Moon Ball of September 3, , was the first to be broadcast by the new medium of television. At the same time, however, he was alert to the possibilities of television. The idea was rejected by the network. Broadcast from the Maxine Elliott Theatre, on West 39th Street, the show premiered as scheduled, but under a different name: Toast of the Town.

Sullivan survived bad reviews—and accusations that he used the influence of his column to get star performers to appear for chicken feed. By , it was The Ed Sullivan Show. Yet another contract would follow in ; he would later be taking in a reported 20 grand a week. Sullivan has grown no more skillful with his hands or his face or his prose.

But he is still there, which is more than you can say about a lot of people who are enormously skillful in all these departments. The pay helped keep the performers loyal. Every time I went on the Sullivan show, my price went up.