A Treasure Chest of Motivation: 8 Jewels of Wisdom for a Young Adults Success

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https://keravetabo.ga The friendly, comforting style makes you feel like you're talking to a sister or best friend. This is a must-read for all newly single parents -- and even the not-so-newly single, too. Laurie tells her story and includes the stories of other single parents that will encourage and validate the struggles of going it alone. You will laugh, maybe cry but most of all you will see you are not alone in this journey. Laurie Hardie uses her own story to comfort, inspire, and motivate others working their ways toward good lives for themselves and their children. This is not another how-to manual; nor is it a check off list of tasks for becoming perfect.

My hat goes off to Laurie for writing a book with such rich content and one that can be used by single parents for years to come!

Compilation of David Oyedepo messages (Inspirational and Motivation) Timely discover for striking.

For as we go after our dreams we will encounter bumps and sometimes potholes in the road. That's when Laurie's words will pull us forward, refuel our passion and keep us moving toward the fulfilling lives we seek and deserve. Therefore, keep it nearby because repeated readings are advised. It gets pretty dirty and grimy during the course of a week and the bathrooms are the worst. One day I walked into the bathroom and the guy who cleans the place was mopping the floors, a really terrible thing to have to do. I watched him go about his work for a bit and I noticed lo and behold he was whistling.

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He was actually whistling. He had managed to find the joy in what he was doing amongst the dirt and sweat and garbage. In that moment his impact on me was as much or more than anything I have encountered so far in my life. This unassuming, part of the background, quiet gentle man had shown me grace in a way I had never seen it before. He was living it. His attitude transcended his physical surroundings and he deeply touched me. In some ways I felt ashamed for my attitude toward many things.

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I knew in an instant he was so far up the evolutionary ladder from me. Sadly he passed away a few weeks ago but the lesson he imparted to me lives on as I ALWAYS refer to that day as a living example of what beauty, grace and a Godly presence is. I can only hope that one day I may too may be that kind of example. I have adopted this way of thinking and feeling but sometimes I falter.

It is not so easy when you have bills coming in, a sick parent and you recently left your job because it was destroying you. I resigned from my job without having another. Yes, that was not a smart move at all and I more than anyone knows it. Spiritual hooky it may seem like to some and crazy stupid action to others but I know it in me that it was a move I had to make.

Through it all I am constantly reminded to stay positive in my actions and thoughts. Marie, I have always felt that my secret sauce was my PMA positive mental attitude. Lately, my personal circumstances have changed and made me quite unhappy. While I am trying to work my way out of this place I find myself in — I feel like a negative Nelly when close friends and family members ask me how I am.

My question — when is it OK to be honest and yourself with close friends and family and when are you just being a victim? To the outside world my PMA has not stopped, I believe in everything you said in the above message. But we get two messages: Be yourself, be real, be authentic and then on the other side of things — paint a rainbow, smile, no one wants to hear about your woes or worries. In tough times you need your friends and family to support you.

Thanks for this post, it really means a lot to me. I remember a similar infectious joyful service experience with a dental hygienist. I am no fan of getting my teeth cleaned but oral health is a big priority to me and so I go, dragging my heels as required. This woman was on a mission! She was patient and gentle but let me know that her passion in life is to scrape plaque off teeth.

It makes me think about how I can share my own authentic passion in my new project of bring yoga for good mental health to the world using Facebook Live for the first time. Yesterday was my first kick at it and well, everything went wrong! I told my viewers I would go live on my Facebook page at pm and it finally got working at pm… ahhh!

I had to pull myself together. In the end, the video had good sound but my head was cut off! I try again today and I also love what you have said about progress being more important than perfection. So I thought of that, and kept going!

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Thanks for these helpful motivators, please keep them coming! With gratitude, Michelle. I am a negative attitude man.. Nothing is incredible to me. Sometimes feel energetic but many a time feels less energetic and full of agony. I see and want to see the real life pictures and wish to get motivate.

At this age I extremely feel money matters and that I am lagging behind. One mistake will make a bloody end. Its who I see my past, its who I see my present and its who I see my future. Hey Marie, thanks so much for this video! Overall, indeed, I feel ya! Pre-holidays I was so whiny about how tired I was. Then, this past weekend, I spent a day with a new acquaintance and she whined constantly… it was exhausting!

Thank you for the reminder that we have an influence on others and maintaining a positive attitude is just another form of social responsibility. Attitude as a form of social responsibility—love it! Thank you for sharing such an important episode! Let me elucidate it a bit more; when you come across any stranger, there are emissions like magnetic radiations between the two simply called vibrations under a natural process.

These vibrations at times are in harmony and sometimes not so. That is why when you just see some one you develop a liking without reasons and the converse of the same is also very true. However, when it is expressed by warm articulations, it is called a win-win situation. To conclude, if I come across Marie one on one; her and my personality charisma is that we would be so loving with each other as we had a long loving, adorable and cherishing relationship since centuries- I say it with complete positivity.

I am sure you would agree, else try it out…. I wish we get closer more than what our souls feel at this moment With earnest and warm love! Thank you so much for sharing this great story, Muhammad! Great video this morning. Would love to see you track this gentleman down and do a follow up with him. An interview with him would be awesome. Thanks Marie for all your beautiful contributions!

My husband and I will never forget the concrete pump truck driver that showed up to help us with our house foundation 21 years ago. He was so excited about his business, about his job and about all things to do with concrete. It was obvious that he loved what he did and was always looking for ways to improve! His energy and enthusiasm is embedded in our minds pardon the pun — we still remember him, with enthusiasm, from over 2 decades ago! For the 2nd part, thanks for the wake up call! I hold Creative Retreats that are a HUGE amount of work mostly ahead of time and behind the scenes because I try to truly pamper the attendees.

The energy of holding retreats sometimes exhausts my reserves even before the 1st student arrives! As I listened to your video, I realized my attitude and energy are more important than whether every speck of dust is cleaned up and more vital than whether there are 2 or 4 gourmet salads for lunch! Right on, Beverly!

Sometimes, I wow myself. I am a walking, talking ray of glory. I light up the grocery store line. Thank you for reminding me of the true light that is my highest self. It is my choice to let it shine or to hide it in fear. But this reminded me that there is room for true joy, service to others, and laughter in EVERY career. Congrats on transitioning into your new career, Leslie!

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Hi Marie, In response to your first question, I have a childhood friend. He had many odds to face in his life as his father died when he just completed college and going to attend University.

We studied together , played together. I have learnt to take the motion which i like most and I have interest on it. I am soft and emotional about my parents and my family. Eventually, their thoughts make me shifted from my future plan and my interests. Apart from that I always choose what is right for me.